Delkin Sensor Scope Sensor Cleaning System Kit



Only $99.95

 Product Highlights

  • Complete Kit for Cleaning Optics
  • Safe and Easy to Use


The SensorScope 3 Cleaning Kit from Delkin comes with a scope that has a push on/push off switch so that you no longer have to hold the button down for the light. It also has 3 sizes of swabs in it. Small, Medium – and Large for the full frame sensors. It also includes a SensorPen.

Cleaning is Safe & Easy
Anyone can clean an image sensor in just a few minutes; Clean all digital SLR cameras in four easy steps
Take Better Pictures
Cleaner sensors make cleaner images. Save time and money by getting a clean image when you make it, and not later sitting at the computer with Photoshop
Cleans lenses, binoculars, scopes, eyepieces and other sport and photographic optics. Retractable dust brush and special non-liquid cleaning element
Enables you to see and inspect your camera’s sensor magnified, with focused ultra bright light; This patent-pending Delkin exclusive fits all digital SLR cameras with no adapter. The safest thing you can do is NOT clean your sensor if it doesn’t need it 1
An ultra small custom mini vacuum designed with a unique static free brush tip to dislodge debris and suction it away; Other brushes shed and scratch. The custom brush and high power, moisture free suction of the SensorVac are the best way to remove abrasive debris 2
SensorSafe Wand
This unique wet/dry double sided wand eliminates all small dust particles and chemically bonded debris; You must remove all contaminants, or your sensor is not clean. The Sensorsafe Wand does the job 3
SensorSolution is specially formulated to leave no residue yet break the chemical bond that causes dirt, dust, oils and debris to adhere to the sensor; SensorSolution when used as directed easily wipes away; This quick drying formula is alcohol free and safe for all air travel 4