Lens Filters for Cameras, 49mm – 95mm


 (We stock all the filters below  in the most popular sizes.  We do not stock them in all sizes.  Please contact us for availability for your lens.)
Marumi Digital Lens Protection Filter (Alternative to UV Filters)

Minimizes flare-ghost and optimizes the performance of lenses for digital imaging. Due to the very thin frame, pictures taken with super wide-angle lens are not to be vignetted.
Note:  We now stock Marumi DHG UV Filters for those who prefer the UV coating.


Marumi DHG Circular Polarizer Filters:

The ideal circular polarizing filter for digital cameras, featuring DHG Coating. The DHG Circular PL (D) maximizes the lens’ performance and represents contrasty pictures. Suitable also for wide-angle lenses. Front lens cap can be attached.


Marumi DHG Light Control 8 Filters:

The ideal light volume reduction filter for digital
shooting. With the DHG Light Control-8 you can shoot 3-steps slowly by the aperture value and represent pictures with”Streaming”. Color reproduction will be hardly influenced.
Its very thin frame does enable you to take pictures
without vignette, also with super wide-angle lenses


Marumi DHG Soft Fantasy Filters:

The ideal soft-effect filter for digital shooting. Its original “Foamed Pattern” generates soft effect, while Images can be represented “Clear-Focused”. Flare-ghost and inner reflection flare can be minimized at the same time


Marumi DHG Star Cross Filters

The DHG Star Cross generates definite star-effects and minimizes flare-ghost caused by light sources. The direction of beams can be changed by rotating the frame.


Marumi DHG Achromatic Macro 200 (+5 )

Achromat Macro filter are designed to shorten the focal length of your lens and enhances its macro mode capabilities with outstanding clarity. It provides macro mode to lens that does not have one and allows grater magnification for lens that already has.



Why Marumi DHG Filters? They Are  Specially Designed for Digital Cameras:

DIGITAL CAMERA’S CCD and CMOS convert the lights into electric signals. This is the reason why lens’ inner reflection, flare, ghost and some other phenomenon rise and result in interior quality of picture, consequently.

The DHG series can minimize these phenomenon and maximize the performance of your lens.

1.Special Coating
New developed ultra-low reflection
coating for digital cameras does minimize
flare and ghost.
2.Black-ink process on lens’ outer rim
Lens’ outer rim is painted in black to
minimize inner reflection.
3.Special frame
“Satin” – like smooth frame having quality
appearance does minimize extra reflection.