Interfit/Strobie 32′ Multi TTL Cord f/ Canon & Nikon

Only $64.95

 Product Highlights

  • TTL Cord for Nikon/Canon/Fuji Cameras
  • Use Matching Camera/Flash Brand


This Multi-Fit TTL Cord for Nikon/Canon/Fuji Cameras (32’/10m) from Interfit can be used for TTL lighting, using your Nikon, Canon or Fuji camera with an off-camera flash from the same manufacturer (Nikon camera with Nikon flash, etc.). This 32′ (10 m) cord is ideal for using a secondary flash connected to your camera as a master flash to control remote flashes–it has a screw thread so it can be mounted on a light stand for greater stability. You can also fire two flashes on the same cord in manual mode.

TTL cord for Nikon/Canon/Fuji cameras
Works with matching flash/camera brands: Nikon camera with Nikon flash, Canon camera with Canon flash, Fuji camera with Fuji flash.