Interfit Boom Arm Stand COR754



Only $109.95

Product Highlights

  • Boom or Light Stand Use

This is an Interfit/Paterson Boom Arm Stand. It is a 5 section stand with a built-in boom arm. The first 3 sections have an extension of 8.25′ (250 cm). Employing all 5 sections vertically as a conventional stand extends the height to 13′ (4 m).

The built-in joint allows its top two sections to be converted to a boom arm with a 5′ (1.5 m) extension. The arm’s 5/8″ stud can accommodate a light fixture or its spring clips can hold your reflector disc in place, while the center pivot joint allows angle adjustment of the disc. Depending on the weight of the item supported, a counterweight may be needed.

Extend a small light fixture or clip on a reflector over a set