Interfit Five-in-One 42″ Reflector and Arm Kit with Stand


Only $129.95

Product Highlights:

  • 8′ Light Stand
  • Reflector Arm
  • 5 in 1 Reflector:  Translucent, Soft sun, Silver, Black, White Surfaces

The Interfit Five-in-One Reflector Arm Kit with Stand increases your creativity as a photographer or videographer. It provides five different methods of light control. It softens, changes the color, or blocks light. It adds detail in shadow areas, or can eliminate color casts. It can soften hard light from the sun or your studio lights.

Use the included stand and pivot arm to place the 42″ disc exactly where you need light modification.

The Five-in-One Reflector is complete with 4 reversible zipped surfaces.
Included is the swivel joint arm, which allows positioning at almost any angle. Two special clips grip the rims to enable them to be firmly held in position. The standard universal mount allows a secure connection to the included Interfit Light Stand.