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Sling Strap
Sling Strap

Check out our
Op/Tech Sling Strap
Only $24.95!

Flash Accessories

Flash Accessories

Interfit/Strobie 32′ Multi TTL Cord f/ Canon & Nikon

Only $64.95
Product Highlights:
TTL Cord for Nikon/Canon/Fuji Cameras
Use Matching Camera/Flash Brand Continue reading

RPS 8″ Lighting Octagon Mini Softbox for Speedlites

Only $26.95
Product Highlights: Fits Most Speedlites
Provides Soft, Even Lighting
Minimizes Hard Shadows
Attaches Easily and Stays in Place Continue reading

Gary Fong Lightsphere, Collapsible w/Speedmount

Only $74.95
Product Highlights: Softens Light from Shoe-Mounted Flash
Collapses for Storage, Interchangeable Dome System
Strap with Hook-and-Loop Fasteners Continue reading

Rogue Gels Universal Lighting Filter Kit (Set of 20)

Only $34.95
Product Highlights: 20 Color & Correction Filters
3 x 2.5″ (76 x 63mm) Gels, Flexible Gel-Band to Attach Gel Included Continue reading

Rogue Color Correction Filter Kit Gels

Only $34.95
Product Highlights: Universal Design Covers Most Speedlights
18 Total Flash Gels & 3 Rogue Gel-Bands
6 Different Color Temperatures/Gels
Quick & Easy Gel Attachment Method
Includes Storage Pouch & Reference Guide Continue reading

Rogue Flash Benders Large Soft Box Kit

Only $69.95
Product Highlights: Large Diffusion Panel
Large Positionable Reflector, Large Silver/Black Reflector Attachment Continue reading

Rogue Flashbender Large Reflector

Only $39.95
Product Highlights: Positionable Design for Light Control
Integrated Belt Fits Any Shoe Flash, Won’t Change Color Temperature
Durable Materials, Packs Flat for Portability
Compatible With Most Portable Flashes Continue reading

Various Diffusers

Flash Diffusers:
$14.95 – $59.95 Continue reading

TTL Flash Cords f/ Canon, Nikon & Sony Cameras

Only $34.95 – $39.95
For Canon, Nikon, & Sony Cameras/Flashes
Product Highlights: Allows Distance Between Camera / Flash
Makes Light Less Directional / Blunt
Tripod Mounting Thread Included
Designed for Use with Flash Brackets Continue reading