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Sling Strap
Sling Strap

Check out our
Op/Tech Sling Strap
Only $24.95!

Battery Chargers

Now Stocking Professional Series (Black) and Consumer Series (White) Batteries & Chargers.

If your camera uses AA batteries, check out our Eneloop AA rechargable battereies.  Unlike most rechargable batteries that loose their charge after only 2-3 weeks, Eneloop batteries will hold their charge for up to one year and still be able to take photos.  Theses are the best rechargable AA batteries I have found on the market and are the ones I use.

4 AA Batteries (White) w/ Charger: $26.95,
4 AA Pro Batteries (Black) w/ Charger:  $39.95
4 AA (White)  2000 mah Batteries only:  $17.95
4 AAA (White) 2000 mah Batteries only:  $14.95
4 AA Pro (Black) 2500 mah Batteries, $27.95


We stock the Empire “All in One” Digital Camera Battery Chargers for most major camera batteries.  Internal safety protection from overheating and overcharging. Specifically designed for charging Li-Ion batteries of any capacity. 2 Color LED charge status indicator and defective battery sensor. Charges batteries from DC car cigarette lighter off AC power Source. Most batteries achieve 80% charge capacity in under 2 hours.

Canon;  Nikon;  Sony;  JVC;  Kodak/Fuji/Casio; Samsung;  Olympus/Fuji, Panasonic;  Konica/Minolta;   Pentax/Ricoh/Sanyo:   $49.95


Universal Camera Battery Charger 
for 3.7 volt Lithium Batteriesl
Charges Over 300 Lithium Batteries Including:
Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon, Nikon, Olympus
Fuji, Pentax, Samsung, Kodak, Casio, Vivitar
Digital Camera and Camcorder Batteries
all Blackberry’s, GPS, PDAs and other
3.7v Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Lightweight / Easy Travel
LCD Charging Indicator
Automatically Detects Battery Voltage
Flip-Out AC Plug
100+240V World Wide Use
Only $24.95