Rogue Flash Benders Large Soft Box Kit

Only $69.95

 Product Highlights

  • Large Diffusion Panel
  • Large Positionable Reflector
  • Large Silver/Black Reflector Attachment


The ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender Large Soft Box Kit contains a large FlashBender Reflector, Diffusion Panel and a Silver/Black Reflector panel, giving you a multitude of creative options to sculpt the light from your on-camera flash to your needs.

The reflector can be used to either bounce light onto your subject, to flag unwanted light away or illuminate specific areas much like a snoot. The 9 x 8″ diffusion panel softens and spreads the light like a small soft box when attached to the reflector while the Black/Silver Attachment gives you a specular punch of light on the silver side and greater flag control for unwanted light on the black side.