DVD-Video Transfers & Duplicating

Video Transfers, Video Tapes to DVDs:

We can copy your video tapes to DVD’s for a lifetime of memories:

Transfer rate is based on time of the original tape or disk & number of copies requested.  There is a discount for multiple disks from the same original and a smaller discount for customers who drop off multiple tapes for one copy of each.  We now offer Archival Gold DVD’s with a 100 year life for extra long disk life, add $10/disk.

Video Tape to DVD:

Copies Under 15 Minutes Under 1 Hour 1 -2 Hours
1-2 Tapes $14.95 $19.95 $24.95
3+ Different Tapes $14.95 $17.95 $21.95
5+ Different Tape $14.95 $14.95 $19.95
Additional Copies Same $6.00 / Disc $10.00 / Disc $10.00 / Disc

25+ copies of the Same Tape/Disk  Contact us for Volume Rate

NEW: Jan. 2015,  We can now copy old 12″ Pioneer Laserdiscs Videos to DVDs. (These were the predecessor to DVD discs from the 1980’s and early 90’s)

Video Transfers, Movies & Slides to DVD:

Preserve your Family Memories!!! View your family history again with the convenience of watching TV.

Let us take your old movie films and slides and put them onto DVD for you. Think of the convenience of being able to watch those old home movies without having to get out the projector and screen.

We offer a variety of video formats to meet your budget and quality needs.  We offer the high quality of DVD media that plays on most of today’s modern DVD players (Transfers are in the DVD-R format, check your DVD player for compatibility).

Digital Quality DVD Disk: Holds up to 2 hours of your video production 1600 ft of regular 8mm film or 2000 ft of Super 8mm film or 720 slides or photos (10 seconds each) Includes case & labels $39.95 for up to 1 hour or $49.95 for 1 to 2 hours, each (+ transfer rate below).

Transfer Rate, DVD Disk Cost (above) plus …

Movies: 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm sound or silent:         $.10/ft

Slides: 35mm in your trays or loose: dpi=dots per inch, higher dpi = greater sharpness
720 dpi $.40/each  (Scanned & Color Corrected)
1500 dpi $.59/each  (Scanned & Color Corrected)
3000 dpi $.79/each  (Scanned & Color Corrected)
3600 dpi $.99/each  (Scanned & Color Corrected)
(The higher resolution scans look better on the larger screen TVs and are better for making prints if you purchase the Photo CD for an additional $19.95)

Photographs: Any size, color or b/w $.40/each

Custom Titles: Professional looking titles using your own words $2.50

Background Music: Set the mood to your video production with music from our library or supply your own CD or Cassette. Easy listening, Light Classical, Big band or Country $8.00/hr

Audio Video Editing (if needed): For projects that need special technical work to make them come together just the way you want them to: $35.00 hour.

Additional Copies Available at $9.95 each.