Strobie iSync4 Wireless Trigger/Receive Kit or Receive Only


Transmitter/Receiver Kit,  Only $74.95

Extra Receiver Only, Only $44.95

Product Highlights

  • Wireless or Flash Triggering
  • 4 Radio Channels
  • Lithium Batteries Included

The Interfit Strobies iSync 4 Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Set has 4 radio channels, making it possible to work around other photographers without interfering with one another’s lights. The radio receiver works at a distance of up to 100′ (30 m) using the included transmitter, and can also be switched to being triggered by a flash. The receiver has a built-in standard thread for mounting the flash on a stand, a PC sync cord, PC sync socket and a mono jack converter to fit both large and small jack sync sockets for connecting to studio lighting. The transmitter features an LED confirmation light, a PC socket, and On, Off and All Channel selection. One 23A for the transmitter and one Cr2 battery for the receiver are included.

Wireless or flash triggering possible
4 radio channels
Batteries are included: one 23A battery for the transmitter, and one Cr2 battery for the receiver
(The Interfit Strobies iSync 4 Wireless Receive is also available as a separate item.)