Strobies Delta Remote Radio Shutter Release f/ Canon or Nikon



Only $59.95

 Product Highlights

  • For Canon or Nikon Cameras (Separate Items)
  • Operates Camera Up to 320′ (100 m) Away
  • Confirms Auto Focus & Frame Rate

The Interfit Strobies Delta Remote  allows you to operate your camera (with LED confirmation for Auto Focus and Single/Bulb or Continuous frame rate operations) from up to 320′ (100 m) away. The Delta remote is a radio shutter release that mounts on the camera’s hotshoe–it operates from the included lithium 3V battery. This is a must-have accessory for sports or wildlife photographers.

When purchasing, select the Remote for either  Canon or Nikon Cameras. Each kit includes the cables for most cameras made by  either Canon or Nikon.

Operates camera up to 320′ (100 m) away

LED confirmation of Auto Focus & Single/Bulb or Continuous frame rate