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Sling Strap
Sling Strap

Check out our
Op/Tech Sling Strap
Only $24.95!

TTL Flash Cords f/ Canon, Nikon & Sony Cameras

Only $34.95-$39.95

 In Stock for Canon, Nikon & Sony Cameras & Flashes

Product Highlights

  • Allows Distance Between Camera / Flash
  • Makes Light Less Directional / Blunt
  • Tripod Mounting Thread Included
  • Designed for Use with Flash Brackets

The  eTTL Cord w/1/4×20 Tripod Mount Thread (0.5 m) acts like an extension cord. Providing up to 0.5 m (1.64′) of distance between the camera and the flash, the cord removes the flash from the camera’s hot-shoe, allowing it to be mounted elsewhere, such as on a light stand or bracket. This way, the light is less directional and blunt as the flash’s output path no longer so closely matches the camera’s optical path. This cord features a 1/4 x 20 tripod mounting thread on the flash shoe and is designed to be used with flash brackets.

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