Nissin Digital Camera Flashes

Di 700A, i600 & i400 Flashes (below)

Di700A Flash w/ Air One Commander: $329.95
DI700A Flash Only: $259.95
Compatible with Canon & Nikon Cameras

Nissin-Di700A flash Kit    Wireeless TTL Remote Mode
    TTL Setting: +/- .75 EV in .25 EV Steps
     Digital Pre-Flash Slave Mode
      Single Flash System Slave Mode
      Goes Into Sleep Mode After 30 Seconds
       Built-In Wide-Angle Diffuser
       Full Nissin USA 2 Year Warranty



i600 Flash $159.95

For Canon, Nikon & Sony Cameras

  • Guide Number: 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm
  • Zoom Range: 24-200mm (16mm with Panel)
  • High-Speed, Slow, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync
  • Recycle Time of 5 Seconds
  • TTL Compensation
  • AF-Assist Beam
  • Full Nissin USA 2 Year Warranty



i400 Flash $129.95

f/ Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus/Panasonic Cameras


  • Guide Number: 131′ at ISO 100 and 105mm
  • Zoom Range: 24-105mm (16mm with Panel)
  • Tilts Upward 90°