Interfit EX-400 Ti 2 Light Kit

Interfit-EX-400-2-Light-Kit     Interfit-EX-400-2-Light-Kit-HEAD


Only $659.95

 Product Highlights

  • EX400 Ti Flash Head x2
  • 8.0′ Light Stand x2
  • 39 x 39″ Softbox x2
  • Wireless Radio Flash Trigger x1
  • 39′ Wireless Range
  • Integral Handle
  • Uses EX Series Accessories


The EX400 Ti is another entry in the popular EX series. Employing a unique radio control system, the included Dynamic Ti Trigger heads allows the photographer to control up to 7 heads each with an individual user-specified ID, from the camera position. Functions such as modeling light level and flash power can be regulated wirelessly from up to 39′ away.

This Interfit EX400 Ti 2 Monolight Kit includes two EX Ti 400 heads with power cables, two light stands, two 39 x 39″ softboxes, a Dynamic Ti Trigger, and a kit bag.

7 Head Control with Dynamic Ti Trigger

Each head has the ability to assign an ID number 1 though to 7. This allows the Dynamic Trigger to be able to adjust the features of each head separately from the other EX Ti heads being used in the same room up to 39′ (12 m) away from the trigger. By assigning a head to channel 1 and another head to channel 2 you can individually adjust each head’s power functions and fire each head via the Dynamic Ti Trigger by setting its corresponding channel number on it. Fire them individually or all at once.