Various Diffusers

RPS Mini Softbox: $14.95

This diffuser for speedlites features the well recognized design of a softbox and produces the soft, big light that softboxes are famous for resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of flash pictures taken with it. Eliminates harsh shadows and produces a more natural result.

Designed to fit all shoe mount speedlites on the market today. Folds flat for easy storage.

Measures 3.5 x 3.5″ when open

Dotline Universal Diffuser:  $14.95




The Dot-Line Universal Bounce Diffuser for Shoe Mount Flash that will fit most standard size shoe mount flash units. Made of fabric, this diffuser slips over the flash head and diffuses the light forward as well as upwards. Stays attached with sewn in elastic band.

Dotline Softbox Diffuser:  $14.95